Our Client Base

preparedexpert.com teaches experts how to be experts in their field.  Experts know the subject matter, but few experts know how to effectively translate that knowledge into persuasive and defendable expert opinions in litigation settings, the precise reason the expert is hired by a lawyer.  The prepared expert knows how to package himself and his opinions in a manner that portrays credibility, persuasiveness, and defendablity.  The prepared expert is confident and valuable.  The prepared expert gets hired next time.


We have prepared experts across multitudes of disciplines:


  • Medical Experts
  • Construction Experts
  • Industrial Hygiene Experts
  • Real Estate Experts
  • Accident Reconstructionists
  • Economics Experts
  • Remediation Experts
  • Environmental Experts
  • Neuropsychology Experts


Regardless of the expert's area of expertise or breadth of knowledge, an unprepared expert is an ineffective expert.  Be prepared.  We can help.  Call preparedexpert.com.