Our Programs Assist Experts Of All Experience Levels To Be Better Prepared.

preparedexpert.com offers the following programs to prepare you to be an effective expert witness who is in high demand.  Programs can be attended in groups or individually for intensive one-on-one training.  These programs are offered in our offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, or we can come to you at your office.  For programs in our Las Vegas office, we can assist you in booking accommodations to suit your needs.  Please see Upcoming Group Programs for our pre-scheduled group training sessions in a city near you. Register today!

1. The Crash Course

The Crash Course is a two-day expert witness preparation course for experts of all experience levels that teaches you the nuts and bolts of being an expert witness, what is expected of you, and an overview of the expert witness process.  You will learn the how to assemble an effective curriculum vitae (resume) and how to defend your credentials.  You will learn the components of an effective expert report and how to write persuasive, supported, and defensible expert opinions.  You will learn about the deposition process and how to testify effectively and credibly.  You will learn how to handle difficult lawyer tactics calmly, fluently, and confidently.  You will take part in mock depositions to test and refine your skills. You will leave the Crash Course prepared and confident in your ability to serve as an expert witness and with the tools necessary to be effective and persuasive.

2. The Mini Crash Course

The Mini Crash Course is a one-day expert witness preparation course that covers all the Crash Course topics on an abbreviated level. The Mini Crash Course is recommended for intermediately experienced expert witnesses looking to polish their expert skills.

3. Effective Deposition Skills Course/Intensive Deposition Training

Effective Deposition Skills is a one or two day intensive course that prepares you for the tangles, stresses, twists, and turns of depositions.  You will learn about how to effectively prepare for your deposition and what questions to ask your retaining attorney.  You will learn about deposition tactics of effective lawyers and how to avoid the traps and pitfalls set for you.  You will learn how to persuasively use resources and authorities to support your opinions.  You will learn how to communicate and defend your credentials.  You will take part in mock depositions to challenge your skills and expose weaknesses in your credentialing, experience, and testimony style.    You will leave the Effective Deposition Skills course prepared to face any opposing lawyer with confidence and credibility.  Lawyers want to hire experts that can handle themselves effectively at deposition.  We will teach you how to be that expert.  No matter what your experience level, we can make you better.

4. Effective Expert Report Writing and Curriculum Vitae Building Course

Effective Expert Report Writing and Curriculum Vitae Building Course is a one or two day intensive course for experts of all experience levels that teaches you the art of drafting effective expert reports that convey opinions and foundation persuasively and defensibly.  You will learn the ingredients of a solid expert report with attention to detail.  You will learn how to construct expert reports that weave in your experience, education, and training, as well as your publications, to enhance your credibility.  You will learn how to draft an expert report that will reduce deposition preparation time.  You will learn how to build a sensical, credible curriculum vitae that highlights your credentials that apply to the subject of your expert retention.  You will learn what good lawyers look for in expert reports and how good lawyers pick them apart.  You will have the opportunity to draft expert reports during the course, as well as the opportunity to have your existing reports reviewed and critiqued.  You will leave this course confident in your ability to assemble useful, effective, defensible expert reports that will please your retaining lawyer and get results.

5. The Personalized Curriculum Course

The Personalized Curriculum Course is a one or two day course that is personalized to your specific needs.  you will have the option of constructing a curriculum that suits the demands of your expert witness practice and your experience level.  Please contact us to assemble your personalized program today.