YOU WILL BE TRAINED BY AN EXPERIENCED PRACTICING ATTORNEY., a division of Judd J. Balmer, Esq., Ltd., prepares litigation experts for battle.  From an expert's curriculum vitae, to the expert's report, to the expert's deposition testimony, preparation is key. prepares experts to persuasively and effectively participate in litigation matters and assist their clients in achieving successful outcomes in tough legal cases.


Most litigated cases settle.  Deposition is the one chance experts have to support, defend, and advocate their positions in the case.  Depositions provide fodder for dispositive motions.  Depositions can create risk for the opposing party, or wreak havoc on your side of the case.  How experts perform at deposition directly equates to money-- how much your client will win or how much your client will pay, and whether you will get hired next time.  Experts must be prepared.  Lawyers expect their experts to be fluent in report writing and persuasive in deposition. The lawyer that hired you does not have the time or patience to train you in expert witnessing; to the contrary, the lawyer demands that you already have the appropriate skills when you are retained.  In high stakes litigation, there is no room for on-the-job learning.  Invest in yourself today for a successful expert witness practice tomorrow.  You will be trained by an experienced, successful practicing litigation attorney.


Don't go into battle unprepared... call to arrange for your personal consultation that will teach you how to be a persuasive, effective, and successful expert witness.  Your training can be confidential.

Don't Delay. Your Competitors Aren't.